Food, Pharma, Industrial Grade FIBC's


Custom, High Quality FIBC Packaging Solutions for the Bulk Handling Industry

Filling a FIBC or Bulk Bag properly is not just a matter of hanging a bag on a post or fork truck and opening a valve to "three Mississippi." There are technological considerations when it comes to making sure your bag is specified correctly.

Allen/Davis is your complete Bulk Bag Solutions Supplier. We are able to address your Bulk Bag packaging needs with a unique perspective in order to optimize your efficiency. Specifying a bag to hold your material is only half the battle; the other half is identifying how to best accommodate the equipment it will be filled and/or discharged with. We have an in depth knowledge of both aspects of Bulk Bags.

Once you have your Custom Bulk Bag specified to your exact needs, managing your Bag Supply is critical. Running out of supply is not an option, and having too many bags cost you valuable warehouse space. Allen/Davis employs staff to cater to that specific need. Along with having the staff, we can offer supply management by way of warehousing an inventory for expedited delivery on a need to have basis. This cuts down on long lead times from many overseas suppliers.

We believe you will find our handling of your bulk bag supply to be unparalleled by anyone else in the industry. Let us know if we can help with a new application or offer a competitive bid on a current application. We would enjoy the opportunity.


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